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Airline travel with my little one?

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Hello all,

I've got a few questions considering airline travel. I will be spending between three and four months in AL soon and I want to take my 8 lb Miniature Dachshund with me. She's small enough that I think I can take her in the cabin with me (which is what I plan on doing if at all possible).

I will be taking her to the vet for a full exam and any updates she needs on shots soon, but I have a few questions.

First of all, are there any legal things I need to look into regarding bringing an out-of-state dog to Alabama? I tried looking it up but wasn't very sucessful.

Also, she can often become quite nervous in new situations. I plan on buying the crate she'll be staying in at least a month in advance and having her sleep in it up until the flight, but I'm still not sure whether she'll get panicked and start barking or whimpering. Should I ask my vet about a mild sedative to keep her stress levels under control, or is that unfair/dangerous?

Finally, does anyone have experience with this or tips? I'm kind of curious as to how you get through airline security with the pet. Surely they wouldn't put her through the x-ray... but they'd probably want to put her crate through.
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Im in Australia and do this alot. I doubt you would do much differently in the US just from going state to state. Most dogs handle a flight really well, some are a bit nervous cause its strange to them. The dogs are put in with all the other cargo, but they cannot harm themselves or get out cause something around the door so they cant open it.

I wouldnt sedate your dog for the flight unless your vet think its appropriate to do so. And the dogs come out with the cargo and go to the loading bay, not getting xrayed like humans do. Just find out where to pick up the dog once you have got off the flight. It usually takes half hour after the passengers are off to be able to pick your dog up.
In my case I'm actually planning on taking her on the plane with me. She's small enough that she can fit under the seat in front of me. Hence all of the questions regarding security. ;)

I'm definitely getting the vet's opinion on the sedation issue.
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