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Good evening all! GrizzLee here barking I hope all you humans and beautiful dogs are safe and sound. Just wanted to check in with an update. Well, I had a totally pawesome afternoon! Today started out as a bummer. Ever since my Aunty Margo doggysat me a while back, I have been missing her and her yummy new sneakers :( And since we are banished from the dog park and everything else right now, I just decided to lay down in the kitchen and pout:

Well, I was in the middle of a grrrrreat dream when my nose picked up the scent of something heavenly. I awoke to the sound of the front door closing and when I opened my eyes, I saw Aunty and these:

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!! YUMMY NEW NIKES!!!!! I must be dreaming! I pounced right over, slobber trails and all and greeted her. She said she thought I was missing her and she decided that I needed a little treat to cheer me up. Aunty is the best! I chased her around until she sat down in the living room:

There, I plopped down at her feet and sniffed and licked those new nikes hungrily. Mmmmmm, slurp! They were brand brand new and all that white leather was sooooo soft and squishy and smelled deeeelicious! Aunty had just worn them to the gym so they were really hot and sweaty. The first taste:

I didn’t waste any time and while Aunty looked at her aputer thingy, I got each yummy new nike in my slobbery jowls and chewed. She asked if they were good and my only response was wet growling and snorting. At some point she got up and went to the kitchen and sat at the table to read. Despite my size, I still shimmied under the table where I spent the afternoon eating the new nikes right off her feet:

After I chewed them off, I must have licked the insides of them for an hour. All I know is that they were completely filled with warm slimy newfie slobber when I was done! Well, today went down in the history books for me as epic! Im so thankful for such and awesome Aunty and her yummy sneakers!

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