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Hello everyone, I've been pining for a doberman or two for a long time, I've done my research on them, read history, etc... though I've never owned one prior, I've owned dogs, and expect this beautiful goofy lovable breed to be perfect for me.

Now my only idea was, I want two dobermans, so they can at least keep each other company while I or my husband are at work.

I would love two puppies, and I'm not worried about spending seperate amounts of time with each, but more how dependent they will be on each other, to the point of where they couldn't handle being seperated.

So I was thinking about getting an adult dog from a rescue, letting that dog settle in and get really comfortable with me and our house, and eventually finding a breeder in the litter an taking the adult dog with me to pick out a puppy that would get along with her okay and vice versa.

This allows me my adult dog, where i can immediatly take for long runs and bike rides and hikes, but also lets my have my cute adorable puppy to train and raise on my own.

I also heard that having a puppy and an adult dog who is already house trained makes the process easier for the puppy.

does any one have any other suggestions, opinions, or points to point out to me about this? I've never had two dogs at once that were different ages. is there anything i really need to watch out for?
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