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Hi everyone!

My family has an 8 year old Male soft coated wheaten named Buster. As of the past month or so, it seems as though something about outside has startled him to the point where every morning when I try to bring him outside to pee he walks away in fear right after peeing a little bit the second he sees me approaching and sometimes leaving a long trail of pee. It's almost as if he's afraid to go outside as if something scared him.

On the other hand, we live in the woods so whenever there are deer in our backyard he loves to go running with our Tibetan Terrier and chase them out of the yard. Yet still, every morning when I go to bring him outside he'll leave a little puddle of pee, and then ill have to guide him outside or else he wont go.

He's always been a very anxious dog, barks alot, is very afraid of thunder and thunderstorms, so it would not be surprising to me if a critter startled him outside to the point where he is nervous to go out. However I am also concerned that this could be some sort of health problem.

If anyone has any idea's as to what is going on that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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