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My Lhasa Apso Jack Russell cross is now 2 years old. He's completely house trained, only having the occasional submissive accident around new people. However, he never grew out of the habit of urinating and defecating in his cage or when we're out of the house.
It definitely seems to be related to some sort of separation anxhiety.
So far we have tried:
Bigger cage
Smaller cage
Blankets with our smell
Leaving on the TV
Leaving toys
Leaving bones with lots of flavour/smell
Slowly moving the cage from a local area to the specified area
Treating him when he's in it
Not making a big deal of him being in

We always let him out before he goes in or before we leave and we try our best not to make a deal out of him being in there or when we get back

However, no matter what we try, whenever we put him in he poos and / or wees. Sometimes almost immediately. But when he's in the house with us he can hold it for hours on end.

The main issue we have with it that he doesn't care that he's splashing around in his wee or he's squashing in his poo.
How on earth can we train him out of this?
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