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Hello all, Forgive me as this post maybe a bit scatterbrained as I’m currently recovering from neck surgery.
Dealing with a roughly 7 yr female pit. Shes my g/f dog. The last 6-8 weeks she has gone from an energetic, spunky and aiming to please to being lethargic almost coma like at times, with a handful of spontaneous unprovoked(no food) drooling. She will circle as though confused at times. Early morning and late evening seem to be the worst times. She seems better when she is able to be outside, as we have a invisible fence.
She’s eating her normal amount just slower. Same with drinking.
She also will jump right up to almost normal if one of us gasps and say a couple catch phrases
Monday she was tested for Addison and whatever they do for the test seemed to perk her up a bit almost immediately for the last few days. The test results came back yesterday as negative but the vet (gf works there pt)still suggests pursuing it.

Forgive me as I can’t give any names of the following but she is currently on a couple regular supplements that she’s been on since my gf got her 6 yrs ago.
She’s currently taking a thyroid pill though her thyroid has since tested fine (never saw a change from that pill) Also taking a liver pill and something for doggie dementia.
We’re obviously worried about either dementia or brain tumor. My g/f was going to call today and inquire about an mri. I’m just looking for any other ideas that you guys may have come across.

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There isn't a lot to say apart from be guided by the vet. I have seen dogs perk up after any vet visit, as the adrenaline from the visit itself can perk them up.

As a non aversive forum though, I have to pick up on your invisible fence comment. Other dogs or threats can get in, and your girl can't get away. Sometimes a dog will power through the fence (for example in a chase) then can't get back in, and we have a thread about that happening and the dog being hit by a vehicle and killed. We have also heard of a collar short circuiting in a thunderstorm and electrocution the dog.

There are far better and safer ways of letting her be outside. :(
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