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So two days ago we noticed our 4 year old Jack Russell mix rolled out his tongue out like something was bothering him inside the mouth or throat. Kind of like when a person has hair stuck inside his mouth\throat. Looked like he was trying to push something out. Didn't strain too much , but did try to push it out. Kind of like gagging, but not intense. Noticed this mostly when he eats, he kind of pushes a bit of it out and then continues eating just fine. Finished all his food. I don't know if that's considered "regurgitation" or something else. I don't really understand the difference. Not throwing up or anything. Acting totally normal. Walking, running, eating, all that. We were going on a weekend getaway, but ended up returning because these symptoms continued. Only once in a while though. May be like twice a day. Its like he rolls his tongue out as if he wants to expel something. Then may be licks his lips once or twice. Nothing else as far as we can tell. Took him to the vet. All vitals look good. X-Ray showed nothing stuck or otherwise abnormal. Doc thinks its acid reflux. Gave him some meds to take for a week and a bland diet.

My wife and I are a bit crazy when it comes to his health so we are worried. She thinks its like something is stuck or may be scratched down there that's causing him to do this. I am thinking all kinds of other crazy things. Does this sound serious or potentially serious or are we just nuts and are overreacting to something that's a problem, but not a critical or potentially dangerous one?
Should we just give it time and see what's up or take him back to the vet do more test (blood work, endoscopy, etc)? I don't particular want to spend any more $, but money is of concern when it comes to his health. Again, does this sound serious or are we overreacting and this sounds like Acid Reflux\GERD, or whatever else dogs get? Thank you!
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