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Our kids mean so much to us. Because of how I know the loss of a beloved fur-baby felt to me, my heart breaks for anyone else who has to say goodbye to one of their own.

I created a website about the many aspects of having a dog based on my knowledge and experience with having fur-babies of my own. I couldn't do that without paying homage to my kids. The logo is a design that shows my kids Hanna and Haley.

Haley is no longer with us. I finally was able to put our story into words. While it's a long piece, it doesn't cover nearly all of the experiences we shared and the joy she brought to my life.

She was one of my greatest teachers and the lessons she taught me I apply in my life today. To honor her I am sharing our story for anyone who is interested in reading it. If not, that is okay. I just feel like I have to put it out there for the world to see what a dog can do for us humans. It begs the question...
Are we here for them, or are they here for us?

Here is our story. Haley - My Baby, My Teacher
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