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just stumbled over this blog in passing -

the dog, Spencer, is a M yellow Lab adopted at 9-MO; a complete hooligan on arrival - no training, no self-control, just an OTT madman.
His primary human, Sarah, started the blog to track their training & progress - they lived in Germany for a while [hubby in the military]; they've since got pregnant, military deployment ended / back to the UK, & baby Jack was born.

So a lot of changes for dogs & humans, & Spen has come along nicely since his hooligan days; i love to see photos or vid-clips of a Lab who's not an obese blob, plus Spencer has a kink in his tail, which is a rather unique quirk - he's got an expressive face, & dark eyes.

I'm going back to the beginning to see how they start their pos-R reshaping of Spen's crazy heedless behavior, just to sample another journey. :)

- terry

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