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So my puppy Merlee is on crate rest for torquing her knee and maybe chipping a bone. We go for more X-rays tomorrow to see if things have stayed put in the knee joint (that would be good) since Wednesday or if they've moved around (that would be bad and require surgery).

I already posted about a major fail in the original crate rest thread. Friday and yesterday went really well, lots of crate rest, lots of sleep, lots of treats :) I even bought a front-facing, legs-out carrier so we could stroll outside and her knee wouldn't move.

This morning first thing, Cobber (30-lb monster) plows the puppy over at full zoomie speed while she was lying in the grass. Puppy didn't yelp or squeal but it scared me to watch.

But then as we were headed inside to go upstairs, I stupidly put the puppy down so I could close a sliding door, and she slipped past me and zipped up the whole flight of inside stairs with me yelling "NoNoNoNoNo!" as I ran after her, which did nothing but scare her into running up the stairs faster.

Well, crap! As soon as it was all over I knew that I should not worry about anything except getting the puppy into a crate FIRST then closing doors or whatever. Seems so obvious in hindsight.

Anyway, she isn't acting any worse for the experience (except being afraid of me yelling, which I know not to do but comes out anyway when I panic), and she has her meds now and is settling for morning nap.

But sheesh this is so HARD. Two more weeks of this!? Holy cow.
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