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Good evening all! Grizz here hoping all you beautiful dogs and humans are staying safe and keeping your sanity in this scary time! I have been going stir crazy at my house and just don’t understand why mommy can’t take me places we would normally go :( Well, looking at me you would think I am down in the dumps:

Not so actually! I am totally tired out from all the fun I had today! See, mommy took me over and dropped me off at Aunty Margo’s today so that she could watch me. Mommy opened the door and I dashed right in. My first stop was going to be her closet to sniff out her yummy new sneaker collection, but my nose took me in a different direction and into her livingroom. I practically ran right into Aunty and these:
NEW NEW REEBOKS!!!!! Mmmmmm YUMMMM!!!!! I remembered them VERY well from her collection. They smelled deeelicious and my teeth ached to sink right into them.

I turned into a big sneaker monster and sniffed and licked them hungrily. Then I got one yummy new Reebok in my slobbery jowls and had a good taste. Mmmmm all that soft white leather just melts in a doggy’s mouth!
Next I started pulling out all the laces and velcro straps and chewed Aunty’s new Reeboks right off her feet. After I wrestled them off, I grabbed them in my mouth and ran off looking for a place to hide and enjoy them. Aunty said I could go for it since it cheered me up. Well, I finally found the perfect place to enjoy her new Reeboks and spent the afternoon chewing and eating on them. Eventually Aunty came looking for me. BUSTED!!!!!!!
Aunty found me hiding under a pile of towels and blankets. She said what gave me away was all the wet growling and snorting sounds. As for those yummy chewy new Reeboks, well she found me with them under cover:
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They were completely chewed and gooey inside and out with Newfie slobber. I thought Aunty was going to take them away, but she just laughed and covered me back up and said to enjoy them as much as I want. WOW Aunty is the most amazing wonderful human I know (besides mommy!). Well, it turned out to be a grrreat day and I just can’t wait to see Aunty Margo again!

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