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We pay for car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and health insurance for ourselves and our family.

We may have life insurance and perhaps an all-encompassing umbrella insurance policy. Plus, if you own your own business, you have insurance for that, too. Now many experts are advising us to buy health insurance for our pets.
A friend of mine used pet insurance to help her dog live far longer with cancer than she otherwise would have. The pet insurance paid for cancer treatments as well as hospice care towards the end of the dog’s life. Her experience isn’t unusual; several pet owners gave pet health insurance glowing reviews, yet other pets owners I talked to complained that there were too many restrictions and exclusions, and figuring out what was covered and what wasn’t was difficult.

I’m not going to make a decision for you as to whether pet insurance is necessary or a rip-off; that’s a decision only you can make. However, there are some things you should know (or questions you should ask) about pet health insurance prior to making a decision.

Could You Pay Your Pet’s Bills Without Insurance?
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9 Things You Should Know about Pet Health Insurance | The Honest Kitchen Blog
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