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Breeder response & testes

I have raised 2 mals. And 3 of same litter purchased by friends so saw them grow at very different rates over 18 months. My boy "was last born n smallest" is now largest. Re. Worry about sight. I too worried with my first, that compared to a gsd, it had quite poor vision. But both of them seemed to take a couple of weeks to begin to see in periphary. So dont stress there. I am concerned that your vet could not find 2 testes. They r tiny admittedly but definately palpable. And wonder what the breeder says about this sick pup. Non descended testes: infertility probs. Cancer risk increase and risk of them strangulating. If not palpable in scrotum or in the canal consider seeking a refund. To locate a missing teste is a few thousand dollors here in Oz.
Much appreciated! And, thankfully, his testes are now palpable, and I've been able to see them for the last week to week and a half. Or if they aren't his testes, they sure look like them! But sometimes they suck back up, but it seems that's not uncommon. I just hope they continue their descent. My understanding is if they aren't in the scrotum by 12 weeks (or is it 4 months?), it's rare that they will get there.

That is a damn expensive procedure, my friend! Wow! I haven't asked about the cost of locating a missing one, only the cost of cryptorchid neutering procedures, which aren't cheap, but aren't dog-awful expensive either. But the hunt...yeah, I can imagine that costing a good bit more.

The breeder was thoughtful enough to say he'd reimburse my vet bills for the giardia, which he said after he said I could return the pup for a refund still if I wanted. At time of purchase he said returning was for another pup from a future litter which, of course, I wouldn't likely take him up on so easily, considering. But a money refund is a last resort. It was a 12 hour drive getting there and a 12 hour drive back. And his specific response to the giardia was that the panacur he'd given them should have nipped it had he been exposed to it. I explained that my understanding was that potentially 20% of cases (or strains?) were resistant or non responsive to the active ingredient in panacur, not to mention the reinfection method. In short, it sounded like a soft-spoken defensiveness, but since the stool sample results were in within like 3 and 1/2 days of me picking up the pup, no one could say he got giardia while with me.

I'd hate to return the little guy. He's vicious as hell, but suddenly making a lot of good progress with his mouthiness/play biting as well as much of his chewing. He usually rings the bell on the back door to go outside to do his business. He's not too intense, and has enough food drive that, so far, I can train him with his kibble with no issues. Separation anxiety, that's another story! But he's young, still. Time to work on all that, if his health is OK. Might take him in for a bile acid test to start ruling out liver shunt. Asked vet about it--she said it's a possibility though his breed-type isn't typically on her radar to be concerned about. And he is gaining weight steadily, about 2 lbs a week (from 6.8 to 13.3 in the first 3 weeks). It might be more about peace of mind for me than anything.

BTW, at a park this morning, tossing a ball in the air, I noticed him following it up more than usual. Definitely seems to be changing in his vision, or in his desire to focus it, one.
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