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Hello everyone!

We are Eight is a Ruff and a family of Huskies.

First we got Chopper. He's a Male Husky a little over 2 years old. He's a Short haired Red coat Husky with Green eyes and very needy and a scaredy He has quite the personality too and loves to chase and be chased.
Then we ended up getting Nami about 7 months later as Chopper needed a friend.

Nami is a Female husky that is 2 years old. She's a medium haired white/grey/black coat Husky with beautiful blue eyes.
She is a great mother, is a daddy's girl and if she's not with her pups, she's with her Dad. She is a vocal country girl that is shy at first, but loves to receive lovings after she warms up to you. She's also a very protective girl with her little boys.
Nami had an All boy litter of 6. She had 3 red coat boys and 3 grey/black coat boys. All of the boys have their Dads eyebrows and their moms black spot on her tail and Franky ended up with her white patch on his back.

Starting with first born we have Rusty, Franky, Junior, Choncho, Nacho and finally (baby) Bisco.
That is also the order if their size/weight also.
They are a lot of fun and full of energy.
Rusty acts like the big brother and puts his brothers in their place if they act up.
Franky is the more laid back one, but sometimes he gets on a roll trying to bully his brothers.
Junior is one of the lovers, he gets very excited when you talk him.
Choncho is also a little lover that has Bi-eyes (2 different colored eyes) and loves running to greet you and covering you with Kisses.
Nacho looks most like Choncho and has a Party eye (2 colors in one eye) and is the stubborn mouthy one, he doesn't like coming to bed at night and fights us the whole way into the bedroom.
Bisco is the youngest and smallest but also the fearless one. He was the first to learn how to climb out of welping box, he was the first to be brave enough to venture outside and sometimes you'll catch him beating up his older brothers if they try and pick on him.

They are a great bunch of boys who will soon be going on hiking and hopefully camping adventures starting this spring.

We have a YouTube, Instagram and TikTok account if anyone is interested and would like me to post links so you can follow along with these boys and watch them grow and the adventures they have. Having 8 Huskies is a Ruff!

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