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When your friend loses a family member, what do you do?

Send flowers, go to the funeral, share an extra-stiff margarita? But how do you support a friend who lost a pet?
We share everything with our pets—our home, our food and our legroom. So even if you haven’t lost a pet, you understand the grieving process can be difficult.
Recently, my friend’s dog passed away. He was 13 years old, but the death was sudden and unexpected. I wanted to show I cared and understood what she was going through so I found a few ways to help support her. You can bookmark this post if you need a few ideas in the future.

Offer a Listening Ear

“I’m sorry.” “Sending thoughts your way.”
Sometimes words seem empty and fall short. But, that’s okay. Sympathy can also be expressed through silence. If you don’t know what to say, pick up the phone or head over to her house—bring a cup of coffee or some chocolate chip cookies. Sit quietly while she talks about the experience or her feelings.
Make eye contact to show you’re listening, and nod your head in understanding. Allowing your friend to vocalize his or her emotions helps the grieving process along.

Reflect on Memories of the Pet

Pet parents like to know other people loved and enjoyed their pet just as much as they did. Share your favorite memories of your friend’s pet, even if they’re small ones—and use the pet’s name.
Remember that time Checkers ran out the front door, and we spent hours chasing him? Or how about the time Jalapeño stayed over at my house while you were out of town?
Don’t have a memory to share? Head over to Facebook and comment on an old photo of their pet—trust me, all pet parents have oodles of these. Point out how happy his pet looked, or how cute she was as a kitten.

Donate to an Animal Shelter on Their Behalf

Was your pet’s friend a rescue? Make a small donation to the shelter on behalf of her pet. Saving a life while memorializing another one is a win-win situation.

Plant a Flowering Bush in Memory

Trees and flowering bushes will give your friend a concrete, physical representation of her pet’s memory. As she navigates the grieving process, she can water and care for the plant, getting her up, moving and enjoying some Vitamin D.

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