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I am in desperate need of some advice/tips on what I can do with my puppy! He is a 7 month old cocker spaniel and he is my first dog.

Recently his behaviour has become really bad, he has started to ignore us when we call him back and whenever we take him into the garden for toileting and a run round he refuses to come back in and thinks it’s some sort of game running round away from us! As well as this it has also worsened when I took him to our field for a walk he ended up running away from me when I tried to put him back on the lead and got half way home running from me - thankfully he stopped and just sat down and we only live round the corner so he wasn’t far but this has sent alarm bells ringing in my head as he could’ve been hurt!

His behaviour before has always been really good his recall was previously really good I don’t understand what has gone wrong or changed - I know he hears me calling but chooses to ignore me and I really need help on what to do as he is still really young and I want to rectify this behaviour before he does it permanently.

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