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Where do you keep him at home, does he socialize with you or does he go straight back to his cage until he is next due out.
We have 7 Cockers, all but one we have bred ourselves but one we bought at 6 months of age (she is 12.5 now).
All of our lot grow up with freedom and are able to socialize with us as they wish. Being with us and not shut away they learn daily routines, our different moods and voice tones and how to behave properly, both in and around the house and when out on walks.
They can learn very fast, both good and bad :rolleyes: , they can also go through a stage of knowing everything and trying to do things their way.

As mentioned by @Buzzu2
Perhaps think about teenage rebellion in humans. ;)

Our puppies do not come already trained and sometimes we may have to go back to basic puppy training.
Try keeping him on a long line with close recall practice, and praise him with a gentle word and a stroke when he has achieved this. Always finish on a happy and positive note but don't over do training and make it a boring subject, keep it interesting and part of play.
NEVER tell your puppy off when he eventually comes back to you, (why should he come back for a telling off or a beating)

Given time he will grow up.

We have never regretted any of our lot, they have all grown up, with each one slightly different to another. We have learned about them individually as they have learned about us.[/QUOTE]
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