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There are perks to adopting an older dog; here are just a few reasons why.

Just like wine and cheese, dogs get better with age. However, some people only want a dog while it’s still young. Once the puppy grows up, they’d much rather start over again with a new pooch. That’s why many loyal, loving and healthy senior dogs end up at a shelter. It’s not their fault, so why should they have to wait for a forever home and family to love them just as they are?
Along with this fact, there is an array of reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog. There are way too many to list here, so we’re just going to focus on the top seven.
Senior dogs deserve to live the rest of their lives in a loving, caring home

They may have been dumped by an unappreciative owner, have had hard lives or been the victims of an unplanned event (like a move or a death), all circumstances that had nothing to do with them. But older dogs should be able to spend their final years with a family or person that will make them happy and comfortable.
Older dogs love the laid-back life

The golden years are meant to be spent relaxing on the couch. There’s not as much pent-up energy in an older dog, which means there are fewer early morning, hour-long walks. He’ll just want to chill on the couch and keep you company.

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