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Hello, i apologize for the long post :)

So, my 6 month old irish setter female pup suddenly soiled herself yesterday and has done so 2 more times. I am confused, i have been crate training her for 1 month and its gone really smoothly. She has had accidents before but it was mainly due to miscommunication between me and her. She's never "purposely" done it before in her crate. To add to this she doesn't whine or anything like she usually does and she LAYS right in it. She played in it for like an hour and slept. I am lost.
It all began yesterday (Tuesday) when she woke me up at 4am, which is strange as she normally gets up at 6/7am, with the exception when she wasn't potty trained. Then she went back into her crate, ate, and slept for 1 1/2 hour before whining again. I ignored it and took her out 7am because i was busy before. she ate again and took a long nap that lasted till 12pm when i woke her up to go outside. She normally asks to go outside around 11am but its not unusual for her to sleep till 12pm and even 1pm. As i was waking her i noticed she was dripping wet. At first i thought it was vomit because i am not familiar with the smell of pee. I washed her and her crate real well and took her out. She did her business and we went back in. At 5 i took her out again and she ate. Then around 6 she needed to go again, so, i took her out. But, at 7/8pm she had another accident when i left the room. Again, i washed her and her crate. She went out another time at 10pm and we went to sleep. Today, i woke up at 6 and checked on her. She, to my surprise, was dripping wet again! I washed her and everything and she's now sleeping.
This is extremely strange because every time she peed she never cried/whined and she just slept in it! She only peed once before in her crate and it was 1 month ago, plus she immediately started whining and only got her paws wet.

The only thing that is different in her entire procedure is last week we began a raw diet with her. She mainly just eats frozen beef with some eggs/crackers/etc. I know crackers aren't raw but she steals them from the table when i let her out! Plus, she has only pooped every two days for about a week, i know its bad, but its because of the switch from canned food to raw.
i haven't noticed her licking herself or anything down there. nor have i taken her to the vet yet.
She does have separation anxiety but i am constantly near crate. Her crate is in my room where i sleep and work. The only time she could have peed herself because i left was the 7pm accident. I left for 5 mins.

Could you let me know your thoughts?? Has anyone gone through something similar. She's a clean pup who has never really enjoyed sticking her nose in her own pee. so, whats up? Could it be that i yelled at her a little when she woke up at 4am? or that she had the accident Tuesday for whatever reason and just got used to going inside her crate? The only things i think could be to blame are UTI, just a relapse in training, or too much protein. Thoughts?

sorry again for my extremely long thread ;)
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