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I just moved in with my boyfriend, he has a Senegal parrot (Jeff) and I have a French Bulldog (Luna). I need training help so that a disaster never happens!!

First, some background about my dog. She is the sweetest, gentlest girl, I've never even heard her growl. She is handicapped and doesn't walk well, can't jump up or down on couches or anything like that, but she is extremely happy and is clueless about her limits. Despite this, when it comes to tiny animals that make noises, she transforms into a predator. She has killed a few frogs and when it rains, pretends to have to go outside because she knows they are usually around, so smart!

The first day we moved in she was a complete mess and panted the entire day, always staring at the bird and acting like she wanted to get at him. Since then, and it's only been 2 days, she is much better. Still interested in the bird but not acting like a psycho. However, if Jeff were to fly off and land on the ground... I don't even want to imagine.

Currently, we have a gate leaving a 12inch space around Jeff so that Luna can't get too close and scare Jeff, possibly resulting in him flying off. We also only have the bird's cage door open when we are present.

I'm wondering the best way to prevent the possibility of there ever being an accident with these two. I don't know whether to let them get close or not or what. Please help with any suggestions or experience! Thank you!!
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