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Doing the same thing every single day can get boring.

Even things we love to do can get repetitive. The same goes for our dogs.
My dog, Guinness, loves spending time with me and taking a trip out into the world. He’s Mr. Enthusiasm, in fact. But once we get out, sometimes he just doesn’t feel like walking.
His energy level is fine (he has a hypothyroid issue but he’s on his medication and is doing well). His nails are trimmed (if they get too long they can bother him on his walk). There’s nothing irritating or bothering his paws.
No, the boy is just bored. If you have a big dog like 110-pound Guinness—or even a very strong small one—it’s not the easiest thing to make him walk if he’s not feeling it. And dragging him is not a good option. So what should you do?
Necessity being the mother of invention and all, I’ve had to get rather creative on our walks. Here are 6 tricks that have worked for me.

Treats, Please

Fortunately, Guinness is a very treat-motivated dog. If there is a treat in his general vicinity, his eyes are intently fixed on it. So, as we walk, I am continuously giving him treats from my treat pouch for heeling nicely at my side, completely focused on me (well, OK, on my treats).

Or Toys

If your dog is more toy-motivated, bring a bouncy or squeaky ball on his walk. Many dogs enjoy carrying a ball in their mouth while they walk and will be quite entertained doing so. He can squeak it or drop it and scurry after it. The idea that he may get to play fetch with it in the near future will motivate him even more. So throw it around for him at some point as a reward.

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