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Even when you find a pet product labeled “One Size Fits All”, they rarely do.

Dogs on both ends of the spectrum, from the giants to the teacups, need special gear. For the tiny tots, safety reins supreme (even though cutesy comes in a close second). No tiny dog lover should be without these products.

Booster Seat

Just as small children need booster seats, small dogs need one too. Car seats for little dogs work the exact same way as a child’s booster seat, elevating the dog to be safely contained and secured in case of an accident while allowing your pup a view of the scenery from his perch. For dogs up to 30 pounds, Kurgo’s Skybox Booster Seat contains the pup safely and securely when clipped into the crash-tested tether, and installs on the front or back of a bucket seat.


While there are some carriers that double as car seats, which could save you money, many carriers have not been crash-tested. Plus, if you’re a frequent flier, you need to get an airline-approved carrier to tote your tiny companion. Sleepypod Air is designed to comply with airline regulations and is crash-tested, so it can travel safely in the taxi with you when you reach your destination. The design includes a slot along the side that allows you to slip the carrier over your luggage handle to wheel your pup around airports in comfort.

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