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If your child has been begging for a dog, here are some reasons why you’ll want to get on board with the idea.

Dogs are a commitment and a responsibility. And when your child asks for one, it’s hard to look past the extra work that it entails…and you believe that you’ll be left holding the bag! But having a pet offers a wealth of other benefits, besides teaching your kid about responsibility. From emotional bonds and social interaction to increased physical activities, here are six reasons (among many) why your child needs a dog or cat to call their own:

Strengthen the Immune System

According to the Medical Journal of Pediatrics, children and infants with a dog in the home have fewer viral infections than kids without dogs. This is because the kids with dogs have more exposure to germs, dirt and bacteria, which helps boost their immune system. Thanks to their stronger immune system, these children are less likely to pick up infections and colds from school.

Increased Physical Activity

It’s hard to concentrate on video games with a big fur ball in your lap, whimpering to go outside. Dogs are a wonderful way to get children moving—your kids will naturally spend time interacting with the dog, playing games of fetch, tag, or walking.

Really Good Listeners

The best person to talk to can often be a dog, especially when it comes to kids. Dogs are often used in learn-to-read programs. That’s because pooches boast a naturally non-judgmental nature. Thanks to these therapy dogs, pups can help boost self-esteem among youngsters struggling with their ABCs. By reading aloud to their canine, kids learn to connect reading with a fun, inter-active and pleasant experience.

Read more at The Honest Kitchen Blog.

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Thanks for this article. I will show this to my friends who are pessimists when it come to dog and children.
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