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Kali was born on the streets, she, her mom and her sisters lived in a box outside with limited time free in the garden the first three months and a half.
Then I took Kali, at first she was very shy and scared, very attached to me. But fast learning, she learned to go pee and poop on the pad in a few days (the moment she figured it out I stopped rewarding her), learned to walk on the leash, sit, paw...

We have another dog that is 3 yo, they get along very well.

The problem is, Kali won't pee or poop outside, she NEVER for these two months did it once馃槱馃槱馃槱

Please don't tell me to reward her when she pees outside because I would if she only did it at least once but she never does.

I have a balcony and I started to take her on the balcony with the leash on to go potty, because I thought it was maybe the leash, but on the balcony she goes even on the leash.

I really don't know what to do馃槱馃槱馃槱 I am desperated, I am pregnant, expecting a baby and she do everything inside... I don't know what to do馃槶馃槶

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you can try a couple of things.

1) you can re-start the potty training process. Just start over treating the dog like it's a puppy and go outside on a schedule, every couple of hours at first and then at longer intervals over a couple of months. By "restarting" the process you might find that the dog suddenly gets it. This often works.

2) I've heard -- although I've never done this myself -- that a dog can be trained to use a litter box fairly easily using the normal techniques of positive reinforcement conditioning. One way you might do that is to introduce the litter box and put the pad in the litter box at first, since the dog will use a pad. Moving in steps you could remove the pad out of the equation and you'll have a litter trained dog. This won't work for really big dogs because they just won't fit in a litter box but depending on the size of your dog this might be an option. I suspect that you can also transition from the litter box to outside later on if you want. There are some other details that are important (like daily cleaning etc.) but it might be worth your time to investigate this option.

Do not forget, however, that walks are important and you can't turn your dog into a cat with #2. You'll still need to walk. It sounds like you would already know this but it's the internet, so it's always good to point out the obvious.

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First, get rid of the potty pads. The use of pee pads inside the house teaches a dog that it is acceptable to go potty inside the house. Then you run into a huge challenge with most dogs who have been trained this way when you try to transition to outside. Why would the dog suddenly understand that outside is the place to go when indoors has been OK all along?

So, if you haven't already, get rid of all those pads immediately. Go back to the very beginning and train her as if she were a baby puppy. Take her outside every hour. Either go for a little walk or just stand there with the dog in a good pee area with grass. If she doesn't pee, take her inside again and watch her like a hawk. If she looks as though she might squat, take her out again. If she doesn't, take her out again in 5 minutes. Keep doing this until she potties outside and then you can praise her. My guess is that if she has not been going potty outside it's because you have not stayed outside long enough or taken her outside often enough for her to end up doing that. I know this is a lot of work but it is only temporary. She will learn, but you have to be very dedicated and consistent during training.

You won't be able to train the dog to go outside to potty if the potty pads are still available in the house.
If you are just stubborn enough, and consistent, you will eventually get her outside when she needs to potty and then you can praise her.

What have you been doing if she goes potty indoors?
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