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I have never done such a big hike, but I do know that you need to take it easy, my pup was a homebody, she hated going out(She dislikes all other animals, never attacks but tries to avoid them and dislikes barking) so she gained a lot of weight(35kg when her right weight was 22) so the vet asked me to slowly force her out of the house

We started walking less than a km, she ended up extremely tired, to the point that she would lay by her water bowl and drink while laying down, that was the first month, then, once she started getting used to walking, I started increasing it, a couple of blocks at a time, when we reached the 2km mark, it was around 1.5-2 months later, and she ended up tired but not overly-exhausted, as before, and nowadays, almost 8 months after starting our routine, we have walked up to 3.5 km and she still has the pep on her step, so yeah, I'd say go slowly so that next time you have a hike like that, your pupper is ready(I mean, mine nowadays makes me run some times and she has lost almost 5kg, still 8 to go)
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