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Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster :wave:

I have a 17 week old pom who decided as of two nights ago that she didn't want to sleep during bed time. Prior to this she's been great. We've had her since she was 9 weeks old.

The first night she barked incessantly for about 30 minutes when we crated her for bed time and covered the crate which worked. Last night she barked the ENTIRE night (11pm-7am), she sleeps in a crate next to our bed (she can see us).

She's getting enough exercise mentally & physically, knows the command "speak" and "quiet" so she knows the difference. When she barks / cries we take her outside to give her 30 seconds to pee and then return her back into the crate.

Tried troubleshooting at 2am last night and just read up that she could be going through her "teenage" stage. We make her crate a positive place (kongs, drive by treats, bully sticks). Anyone experienced something similar and can shed some light?
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