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Hello, we have a dog in our office with a constant MRSA infection and we have worked all summer to tame the condition. This is what our doctor has her on during a flare up:bath with gentle baby shampoo, then scrub with hexadane shampoo 2%. Treat inflamed spots with Otomax ear ointment, and a treatment of vanectyl p, this usually brings the inflammation way down.
I know Otomax sounds funny, but this is the reason. MRSA or in dogs it can be MRSP will become resistant over time. If you start treating with heavy duty antibiotics, and then by chance pass that virus onto a human, well that antibiotic will no longer be useful for the human. Otomax is a spot treatment only, and so far has not become resistant for the dog we are treating. This dog has had good results, but it is a life long condition that will come with flare ups.
You could talk to your vet about this treatment and see if they think it's worth a try.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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