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2 doses of parvo - New Puppy

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Good afternoon to everyone,

This past weekend we bought a 11 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy from a reputable breeder in California. I am a new dog owner with no previous experience I kindly ask if all of you my new peers can help me answer a few questions.

1. Milo has been vaccinated up to now with 2 parvo shots. We have been for the past few days training him with pee pee pads. At what point should I think about beginning his outside potty training? When he gets all of his parvo shots (2 more) or at a certain age? Or would it suffice to begin now with only two shots?

2. Milo has been antsy about sleeping alone at night. For the past two night we secluded a space in the house as I just bought a crate today. Keep in mind we have taken him out regularly during the night to do his business in the pee pee pads. Today being his first night in a crate should I put it somewhere close to my bed with the door closed or would it be sufficient to keep the crate outside of our room for him to get accustomed and begin crate training?

3.Milo has been eating well and we have him in a feeding schedule 3 x a day but we have found he eats when either my girlfriend or I are close him. Anytime we step away he stops eating and starts following us and no longer comes back to the food. How can he overcome this keeping in mind that we want to set a feeding schedule and not keep the food outside the whole day?

4. Milo has adjusted well to the treats we bought him and he seems keen to them. Should we start behavioral training at home right away at this age before we opt for profeesional training when he is older as he is not fully vaccinated and can go out?

Thank you all for your current and future help.

Best regards
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You can take him out to pee just don't take him to highly populated areas.
I like to put the crate by the bed so you can hear him if he wakes and has to go out.
The puppies were used to eating together so that is why your pup wants you close during meals. This is something they usually grow out of. I say usually because one of mine still wants us there while she eats. As far as training go for it , Look at this 2 month old pup. Check out clicker training with kikopup she is a great trainer. She has videos to train almost everything.
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