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I have a 15 week old maltipoo and sounds like we are pretty much on same schedule. I am crate and bell training. My concern is he never gives any indication (turning, whining, barking, going to the door, ringing his bell) he needs to go out. Will that eventually happen as he gets older? The problem may be I take him out about every hour and a half or two hours so he never has to tell me because I take him out so frequently??? If he drinks or eats more, I take him out more. After all, what goes in must come out. I certainly hope he will eventually give me a sign.
15 weeks is pretty young, he may not be fully aware yet of when he does have to go. Or he may not have enough warning to let you know. A GENERAL rule of thumb is that a dog can go his age in months, plus one hour - so for your puppy, that would be about 4 hours. However, he is a smaller dog, with smaller capacity, so more often would be a good idea. Maybe add to the current time between potty breaks in 15 minute increments, and see how that works.

I think six months is a reasonable expectation for having a dog housetrained reliably, although there's a lot of individual variance.
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