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Hi, I have a medium/large dog. She is a mixed breed named Bleu but we do not know her breed.

Background info: so when we first got her we struggled to get her to settle and stop whining but once she was settled she's been fine.

So for the past three days Bleu has been whining alllllll night. We recently put a chair on the landing to stop her from coming up the stairs and so we thought she was whining at that. However, tonight I moved it and still had the same result.

It may also be significant to add that over the past three days she has been whining whilst playing with a certain squeaky toy. Originally this confused me because she usually whines when she's trying to get our attention or unhappy, but I searched and found that they can whinge when they're excited. She also sometimes retreats to a hidden comfort spot behind our dining table but again this has only occurred over the last 3 days... She's also become really attached to this particular sneaky toy over these days which is strange considering she's had it for months

I'm really unsure of what to do now and am beginning to feel really sleep deprived ! Other than what I've pointed out above Bleu has been herself!

If anyone couldn't help, share and experience that be helpful xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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