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This is my first time ever posting on a forum but I figured who better to help than people with love for their fur babies and experience with them.
2 weeks back we got Romeo (our now 10 week mini golden doodle - half retriever half mini poodle).
We watched a lot of videos on bringing a puppy home, crate training, behavior training etc.
Since the first day, we gave him lots of love, hugs and affection but also trained him a bit (he can sit and down BUT ONLY WHEN HE WANTS). We took him for small walks and now try to increase the distance bit by bit. We also crate trained him.
He is simply wonderful with his crate. He will go in, sleep through the night and does not cry. But when outside, this is what happens:
1. He jumps and runs a lot, refuses to listen or come.
2. He bites on our hands and almost tries to get us even when we try to put his collar on for a walk.
3. He HATES going on walks and sits down refusing to budge. We have to drag him and a few steps later he walks well and then again just sits down!!!

We have realized that he is a smart puppy for learning tricks n just 2 weeks. Please help us on how can we channel his intelligence to a positive way.

Sometimes we attribute his behavior to just being a puppy but the constant defiance scares us as he is growing up soon and we dont want an unruly dog!!!
You help will be highly appreciated :)
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