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Albert hit his "teenage" stage back when he was about 8 months old. It was a night and day difference. All of a sudden he was barking at me for treats rather than doing the tricks I asked for, he refused to sit for things, he barked every chance he could. But we slowly got through it, and still continue to but I actually noticed an amazing progression during his walking. Up until a week ago he was walking almost perfectly next to me. If he walked ahead for a second, all I had to do was stop, and he would quickly back up so we could continue.

This week I have seen a massive shift back in his fiance has been walking him in the morning now and he tells me that he's starting to pull again. We went on a walk last night together and I swear someone was going to call the cops on us....Albert threw a fit if I stopped. He was hopping up, twisting, barking, biting his leash. I basically stood there while my dog acted possessed.

At home I used to tether him if he was acting out so he had no choice but to stay in my sight but I haven't had to do it since he was 5 months old. I did it this week because he kept looking for trouble and his bark was the angriest I have ever heard. He was not happy. I ended up having to put him in his crate because of our neighbors..

This week he has barked for not being pet enough, for not saying hi to him longer, for not letting him drink his whole bowl of water, for having him in his CRATE. That last one has worried me the most. He has NEVER barked in his crate, except for once when he was sick and needed to go. This week he has had such a tantrum because we left him in there while we ate. (Which we have ALWAYS done because he doesn't know personal space.) I stood there amazed he would be so entitled when barking has NEVER let him out.

This morning was the reason why I felt the need to come on here....I'm home with him everyday, since he was first brought home. I work as an adjunct professor but I'm currently looking for full time work. Knowing that I would eventually be working 8am-5pm days like my fiance, I usually leave him in his crate for those hours but there are a few days when I let him out..and he doesn't make a peep. Today...the second my fiance closed the door to go to work, and I was still in bed, Albert started howling. It was a gentle howl. I have never heard it before. Like I said, he has always been quiet. He did it for about 10 minutes.

Now I'm worried. Is something wrong? Is this all just his age? Has he just forgotten the rules? The howl broke my heart...but he didn't sound in distress or :confused:
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