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* He shows fearful/insecure behaviour towards people that isn't me, he'll back away if they try to approach or play but will accept food, this isn't necessarily bad in itself since I don't want people getting touchy anyway but i'm afraid it'll evolve into agression. I've done everything in my power to socialize him but the results are inconsistant, sometimes he's afraid sometimes he's not.

* He's a quick learner, but doesn't trust me, when he's afraid he'll hide somewhere safe instead of coming to me, this is problematic when trying to work on his fears and makes the recall unreliable.

* Very playful around known dogs, but reactive (barking) towards unknown dogs. So far he hasn't shown any sign of agression whatsoever.

All in all he seems very fearful (or insecure if you will), I got him from his breeder when he was 12 weeks old (bit older than your average adoption). He's never been punished since he stepped into this house.
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