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1 yr old teeth question

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I have a Boston terrier who just turned 1 year old. He still has 2 puppy canines (one upper and one lower). One adult canine that has been just peeking through the gums for about a month now. im just curious how long does a normal canine take to grow in and is the other 2 puppy canine a problem if they are not even loose(no adult teeth growing beside either) since he is 1 year.
thank you


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normally adult canines are coming in around 6 months and fully in by 6-8 months. Brachiocephalic breeds sometimes have atypical development as far as teeth go and it can take longer... though a year is pretty unusual. Deciduous teeth can complicate the normal eruption and usually should be removed if still present after 6 months.... but sometimes not always easy to tell if smaller teeth are deciduous or abnormally tiny mature teeth. Best to get an exam and see what your vet thinks.
thank you for responding. ill get him checked
on his next visit in 2 weeks :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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