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  1. Funny Pet Video from Youtube

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Funny pet video from youtube. :thumbsup: Me playing with the family dog(Funny) - YouTube
  2. Human Mimicking Dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I made a musical sketch called Mimicking Mickey with my dog Mickey, a springer spaniel...enjoy! For more sketches, check out our youtube channel Mickey & Jermaine
  3. The lighter side of greyhound racing

    General Dog Discussion
    I just wanted to share these videos showing that all greyhound racing isn't bad (and maybe even make you laugh and smile! :) ) Youtube
  4. For all the small dogs out there!

    General Dog Discussion
    Just me showing off my awesome little Boston Terrier playing frisbee. I had fun editing it and playing around with iMovie. Any of you with small dogs know what I mean when I say people underestimate them!
  5. If you haven't seen this, you MUST! Lol!

    There is a popular video going around about this e harmony submission tape about this chick who loves cats.... and these guys auto tuned it! Absolutely hilarious! I can't get it out of my head.
  6. Never trust YouTube. Ever.

    Off Topic Discussion
    I'm giving you all a warning: Never trust YouTube. This is a rant about a scary video I found. I was doing religious studies through YouTube for several weeks (please, do not turn this into a debate). I found a channel on athiesm, and I figured "hey, this is pretty good." I found a video about...