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  1. Dog Breeds
    Hey everyone I recently got to meet this little pup and I am so in love! It’s owner said he thinks he’s a Chorkie (Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua) but Iv had a look and I just can’t see that they are as fluffy as him? So I’m on the hunt! Because I would just love one!
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I have a 6 year old Yorkshire terrier, he is known for being a wimp and getting scared of everything. Yesterday though, he was in our bathroom for a few hours barking at the sewage hole. When I went to check what the all fuss was about I saw a tiny dead mouse on the floor, I don't...
  3. Dog Health and Food
    Her name is Little Miss Daisy May - she's a 9 year old Yorkshire terrier and just recently she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her right anal glad, or apocrine gland adenocarcinoma. She belongs to my grandmother who right now is in a rehabilitation center after a series of strokes and...
  4. Dog Training and Behavior
    My mom's Yorkshire has moved to my place 6 month ago. He was not well trained. He barks every time we stand up from couch or chair and every time we enter the room. He also bark in car when the car stops. The barking is crazy and there is no way to stop it. He is 5 yrs old now. Do you please...
  5. Dog Health and Food
    Hi, My 1 year old springer spaniel has finally come into season for the first time. We are wanting to haver her spayed and are just wondering if anyone can recommend a sensibly priced vets in York, as we have heard horror stories regarding prices! Thanks :D
  6. Dog Breeds
    Hello, I know that the mini/teacup chihuahua is not recognized as a breed, but still there exist chihuahuas which are very tiny. I am considering buying a mini chihuahua or a mini yorkshire terrier but I am not sure which is smaller. I tried to search for the size of teacup chihuahuas but I...
1-6 of 6 Results