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  1. Off Leash Training/ Bolting

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey everyone! I have a 7 year old yorkie that I've trained to be off leash since he was a puppy. I always try to keep him engaged and have never had problems with him bolting to chase animals, other dogs or people. I also tend to stop and have him sit next to me when other's pass on the trail...
  2. My Yorkie has serious separation anxiety!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 9-month-old Yorkie is such a great dog except when she pees and poops in her crate. Her crate is not too big. She doesn't go in her crate at night when we are all sleeping. She only does it when we are gone and shes left in the crate. She has serious anxiety and she always has but I'm...
  3. Purebred or Mixed Yorkie?

    Dog Breeds
    so my dog is about 5 months old now. we adopted him from a friend of my dad's, and we always just assumed that he was a yorkie. recently, somebody told me that the coat does not match that of a typical yorkie, and it may be a mixed breed yorkie. what do u all think? no matter what, though, i...
  4. Urgent ! Two Teacup Yorkie Puppies Needs a New Family

    General Dog Discussion
    Two Teacup Yorkie Puppies Needs a New Family Text for more details and recent pics at (469) 532-4604
  5. A Happy Hello From Two Yorkies and I!

    Hello! I'm Jerrianne, and although I originally joined this site seeking assistance, I've found myself enjoying the community. So, an introduction will now be made! I own two Yorkshire Terriers: Zoe, who's 9 years old. She was "my" first ever dog. We had a chihuahua before her named Chico...
  6. Old dog is too submissive and runs away from new dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our oldest dog is a Yorkshire Terriere named Zoe. She's nine years old, and when we got her at the time, didn't know she came from a backyard breeder. She has a collapsed trachea, epilepsy, and to make things worse, a lame back leg. Because of these problems, she could never go outside or be...
  7. Share your grooming experience!

    Dog Grooming
    Hi everyone, I have two fluffy dogs, a Maltese and a Yorkie and for the last five years I have struggled to find the right groomer for my babies. I would like to hear if you had similar experiences or have some advices on how to find good groomers. I have looked at yelped but haven't been lucky...
  8. so cute video of my Yorkie "Rainy"

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    :) this is my first time posting, I wanted to show the world my little pride and joy, she actually says "Moma" I've no children, she's my baby! I hope what she does isn't considered offensive to anyone, I hope she makes everyone smile as she does me...
  9. High Energy GSD + A New Yorkiepoo

    New Additions
    So I have a very sweet, but very high energy 1 year old black german shepherd . She is my greatest joy! Anyway, I am going to be getting a Yorkie Poo on the 21st of december for Christmas and I'm so excited, but I'm also scared. Gypsy (My GSD) likes to play and jump around with out a care in...
  10. Looking a long legged Yorkie?

    New Additions
    Hi, I'm taking care of my elderly mother who would like a cute little Yorkie, or Shih Tzu type of dog. But I'm going to be doing the exercising, and I like to go on hikes up to about 5 miles. I'm open to any breed or mix that has maximum cuteness (and soft fur), but with some hiking stamina...
  11. Adult Dog Still Going In The House

    About six weeks ago, I took a Yorkie in. The former owners could no longer care for him and assured me he was house trained. Well, he is not. He also had a traumatic past. He was first abandoned in an apartment and a neighbor took pity and fed him once a day. I forget how the people before him...
  12. Hey Guys, My name is Kris Rotonda

    Hey guys just here introducing myself I love this dog forum, do a lot of reading on new topics for my precious four dogs Hope to meet some new dog lovers on here and share some common interests Kris Rotonda CEO
  13. Older dog (yorkie) with tumor - please read!

    Dog Health
    Her name is Little Miss Daisy May - she's a 9 year old Yorkshire terrier and just recently she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her right anal glad, or apocrine gland adenocarcinoma. She belongs to my grandmother who right now is in a rehabilitation center after a series of strokes and...
  14. What breed may my dog be?

    Dog Breeds
    I was told shes Cockerspaniel and Yorkie. She looks like yorkie, a little, but thats all I can notice. I have pictures of the mom and dad from the people I got her from, so I just want some opinions. Also, whats a good DNA test kit I can do online? The mom is the one on the left, and the dad...
  15. Sneezing/Reverse Sneezing After Bordatella Vaccination

    Dog Health
    So I took my dogs to a Humane Society sponsored shelter to get their vaccinations up to date, i.e. Bordatella and D2APP on 5/15. On 5/21, I noticed they were sneezing almost continuously for periods at a time. Sometimes if it was severe, they would go into reverse sneezing/honking. They...
  16. 5 year old dog will not stop marking - Please Help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 5 yo male neutered yorkie schnauzer mix that will not stop marking. In fact he's actually increased this behavior over the last month or so. Background: I got him about 2.5 years ago. I had two other yorkies already, and he came from a pretty questionable home (I suspect abuse)...
  17. Need advice for an out of control, yappy yorkie

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm dog sitting for my parent's 1 year old yorkshire terrier for a few weeks and I'm on the brink of losing my mind. If anyone has any advice I would be monumentally appreciative! I'll try to break down the issues into categories: Barking- He barks at ANY little noise he hears. He barks when he...
  18. Do you think my Yorkie has anything else mixed in?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello all, I have a wonderful 1 year old pup named Frankie. He is a white Yorkshire Terrier. From the time we received him we've noticed he is larger than the average yorkie at 8.5lbs and has especially long legs/neck/body compared to the average Yorkie. Does anyone think there is another...
  19. New dog introduction help

    New Additions
    I have a bit of an issue. I have a 11 year old American Pit Bull who has always been well behaved around people small children and very few issues with other dogs. He has never shown any signs of aggression but has defended himself against other dogs that have ran up to him barking. Next...
  20. Is he a Morkie?

    Dog Breeds
    We got Whiskey from our local shelter about 2 years ago. We already have a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and my parents bred Yorkies for almost 10 years, so I know he's got some Yorkie in him. However, after many visits to the local Dog Park, we started to realize that he resembled a Maltese...