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  1. Dog squeals extremely loud when I touch her

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is extremely nervous and always has been since she was a puppy. She even lost some of her undercoat from stress because we would try to play with her. If you come home after a long trip, she'll drag herself on the floor while peeing and whimpering. If you talk to her in a baby voice even...
  2. Dog yelping when he jumps!

    Dog Health
    Hey, I have a ~50 lb German Shepherd mix. The boy likes to jump up on us and put his paws on our chest. Last two days we've noticed him yelp more than once while doing this. These are clearly cries of pain and I haven't seen him make the noise in any other activity. We have seen no obvious...
  3. 4.30am Puppy crying

    Hi I've just had my second night with my first puppy, Pepper, a 7.5 week old Border Collie. She is adorable but both our first two night with her she sleeps from 10pm but wakes up crying/yelping/barking at about 4.30am. We stay in bed and leave her alone until 6am and then tend to her. We can...
  4. Hunched Back, Yelping in Pain, Won't Eat, Can't Rest

    Dog Health
    I appreciate any insight to what is going on with my little guy, Sam. Here is a quick history: I adopted Sam about 2 years ago... he was 3. He is a hairless breed (looks like a big Chinese Crested) and is 18 pounds of lean, muscular dog. He is typically a wildman - very active, very agile...