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  1. Dog Health and Food
    It all started with one eye being scratch raw and not healing. We took Stitch to the vet and he told us it was due to a tooth infection. His teeth were cleaned, a few teeth removed and he was given an antibiotic shot. Within 3 days the eye was healed! Then it came back. This time including...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    I am at my wits' end! I have a greyhound (with the usual tomato-thin skin) and he was bitten by another dog almost 4 weeks ago. He had a spot on his side and another in his groin (where his leg meets his belly by his *naughty bits*) and the shoulder has healed fine; however, he has had three...
  3. Dog Health and Food
    I've got a problem with my dog, he is male, age: 7, he has atopic dermatitis on all body. He's an allergic, but we don't know exactly what is the reason, veterinarian said that it can be cause of food, so now my dog eats hypo-allergenic food (Purina). He also has special shampoo and pills. But...
1-3 of 3 Results