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  1. What is on my dogs foot??

    Dog Health
    So he got sap on his leg and I was checking around after I cleaned it and I cane across this weird growth looking thing. And I noticed when we walk he kicks that foot up a lot. He doesn’t chew or lick at it or anything. It looks like a scab or an extra paw pad, idk I don’t wanna pick at it. It...
  2. Dog Wound, worried

    Dog Health
    Puppy is 2 months old, she eats fine and plays around like a normal puppy. She got spayed not too long ago, I just checked her incision today and it looked like that(picture attached). She doesn't seem to be hurting when I touch it or clean it with wipes, she doesn't lick it or anything. I don't...
  3. Dog has some sort of scab/wound on his front left leg, not sure what it is!

    Dog Health
    Today I noticed my Daschund licking the inside of his front left leg. When I looked I noticed what seems to be a scab or cut of some sort and he growls at me when I attempt to see it. Thought I should mention that he recently hurt this same leg during a walk, but that does not seem to be...
  4. licked by a neighborhood stray on an open wound

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, I was licked(possibly but not sure) by a friendly neighborhood stray dog on an open wound(not very deep) on my palm. I feed her daily and she lives near my home. The dog is behaving normally. She was also vaccinated when the local dog shelter spayed her, but I do not remember how much...
  5. My dog has been biten.

    Dog Health
    My 1 year old Pit bull was attacked by another Pit bull just over a couple weeks ago and the dog was latched on my dogs neck. After we broke up the fight, my dog was bleeding on the neck so I cleaned him up and watched him. Its about two weeks now and he is very weird about people trying to look...
  6. Help! Scratching Dog leaves Patch PLEASE HELP!

    Please help! I am a first time dog owner and I have had my pit (which is now one year old) since she was 8weeks old. Everything has been great since we got her and has been a great addition to my family! Although... Two days ago I noticed a patch on hair missing on her left shoulder slightly...
  7. help with 2 young males

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I need some advice. I have a 17 month old male golden and a 5 month old male golden. They have been together 3 months now and have gotten along great. Very recently, the pup developed a sore on his back and the older guy is obsessed with licking it. At the same...
  8. cut on foot

    Dog Health
    my dog just cut his foot by his paw. It isn't a large wound, but the tissue is flapped. If it was my wound I would try butterfly bandages, but things are trickier with dogs. I have had bad experiences with stitches and staples in the foot. They just come right out. I once had to have them...