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  1. Wondering if my dog has worms?

    Dog Health
    I was wondering if my dog has worms. I haven't seen any in his fecal matter or his fur, but his coat is very rough and dull towards his tail (like his butt and hips) and he does tend to "scoot" a lot. These are the only signs he has, so I was wondering could it be worms or should I take him to...
  2. I think my dog has worms. Help verify?

    Dog Health
    Hello, so this morning i was taking my dog out to do his business as usual. After he was done with his thing i saw a long stringy thing stuck onto his butt. I thought it was a peice of gum or something so i diddnt make anything of it. My girlfriend got a closer look and told me to come over to...
  3. how to protect your dogs from worms

    Dog Health
    Worms in dogs is a common age-old problem and they not only hamper the health of your pet but also you and your family. Worm infestations could be fatal but the good news is that it can be treated and also prevented. Consult a vet if you think your pooch has got the worms because he will be able...
  4. Puppy has worms and vomited tablet given by vet

    Dog Health
    Hello, my 8 week old pup was seen by the vet and he has roundworms and hookworms. He was given a vaccine to treat the worms. I gave him the tablet given by the vet, and he vomited it with his food. He has not vomited since, but will the worm problem clear? This is my first time handling dogs as...
  5. White specks! Carpet? WARNING PICTURE OF POOP

    Dog Health
    My puppy was given her first shots and dewormer around 2 weeks ago. She ended up having worms we found out because she pooped them out dead. She hasn't been pooping them for a while. Today she pooped out these white specks at night (poop was fine during the day) does it look like it could be...
  6. How long after he's been dewormed can he contract parasites again?

    Dog Health
    I adopted Wendall about a month ago. He's around 2 years old and his papers say hound/retriever mix, but I think he's actually a pointer/retriever mix. About two weeks ago he started having diarrhea and vomited once. When the diarrhea worsened, I took him to the vet and he was put on fluids...
  7. Puppy with Diarrhea and Cough

    Dog Health
    My husband brought home our sweet new husky on Thursday night. He seemed fine then, just shy and nervous, but now he's started to have diahhrea and vomit. When he vomits, he has a dry gag and then it's mostly watery mucous. His stool is mushy and has mucous threads in it. I also found this shell...
  8. Worms In Dogs Poop?

    Dog Health
    A couple of weeks ago, I saw short fat worms in my dogs poop. Ever since, she has been getting smaller and smaller. I've been so worried, so I checked her poop again... and saw NO WORMS?????? What type of worms are these? I have 4 other dogs, could they possibly have these worms too? Why were...
  9. My dog has tapeworm problem and treatment may not be working

    Dog Health
    On the 10th of November I noticed a small white thing, that looked like a little piece of paper laying on the ground next to my dogs recent stool. I picked it up with a toothpick and put it in a clear ziplock bag and it started moving. Took a video and took it to vet right away who said it was a...
  10. Mixing Worming Medicine Okay?

    Dog Health
    I fed my 6 month old pup Troy Worming Syrup this morning (one out of 2 doses) before realizing that this only covers roundworms, not all worms. I want to now go out and get an all worm medication but am wondering if I feed him a new worming med tomorrow, would that constitute overdosing? We want...
  11. Panacur makes my doggie lethargic

    Dog Health
    Vet thought my dog may have lung worms so she put her on panacur for 7 days. I'm now on day 5 and she's become really...lethargic. I mean, she's slower than usual, she's not as active as normal...she's just not herself at all. I went back to a follow-up appointment yesterday and it turns out she...
  12. my dog has worms

    Dog Health
    Desperate dog owner Help my dog has worms and I dont know what kind I need to know so I can get the right medicine for her please help

    Dog Health
    Hi guys and girls I'd really appreciate a bit of help. I found what I thought were ticks on my dogs neck on thursday and got a bottle of Frontline spray to treat it with and they were supposed to just fall off and it doesn't seem to have worked. I'm not if they are ticks or what they are at all?
  14. Lingering Tapeworms, I think

    Dog Health
    My Chesapeake bay retriever pup, Rilla, is 3 mo. old. A few days before her 12th week "birthday,” I noticed tiny white grains, the size of sand, on the outside of her stool. Poking through her stool, there were more of these, always the same size, never moving or growing. She's scooted her rear...
  15. New puppy on the way with fleas and worms. What should I do

    Puppy Help
    I have a puppy coming on September 19 if all goes well. I recently moved out of my parents house and I'm really excited to raise a new puppy the way I want to. I've ha the same dog since I was a little girl and she doesn't do much more than go potty and sleep.The puppy I'm getting is a mutt his...
  16. My Dog is scooting on the ground to itch :o

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! My name is Kristen and my dog is Nelly! We adopted her on Feb.24 of this year! When I brought her home I found out she had Whip worm..She had just had her treatment and she had another one about 2 weeks later and then I am waiting to give her a third dose in the beginning of June...
  17. Curious Case of Worms

    Dog Health
    Hello! I have a 4 year old Schnoodle named H.P. and my family and I have enjoyed his company for the past two and a half months. H.P. is our first dog, and I must admit that I really don't know too much about dogs, but I know there are a lot of people who have had a lot of experience with dogs...