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  1. Crating- Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My husband and I just moved into our first house together and we work full time. Today is the first day that our dogs will be left alone all day. They have both been found guilty in the past of chewing (wood furniture, rugs, stairs, coffee tables, baseboards, etc) regardless of how many bones...
  2. Working and owning a dog: Advice please

    General Dog Discussion
    hello :) I would like some advice and opinions on owning a dog whilst working. I am a freelance illustrator but work part time 10-4, each day of the week. (weekends off) Luckily I work five minutes from home so I will easily be able to make it home on my hour lunch break. I grew up with...
  3. Looking for a working bearded collie or bearded collie border collie mix breeder

    Puppy Help
    Hi, I am in the market for a puppy and I am apparently wanting something that is hard to find. I would really like to get either a working-bred bearded collie (NOT a conformation show line) -OR- a bearded collie border collie cross. If it were a cross I would prefer the border collie to be...
  4. Retired Military Working Dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    I was an Army veterinary technician for 7 years and had the honor of adopting one of the dogs I worked for in 2010. Retired MWD Brix is the best dog I have ever had the pleasure to know. He was retired because he suffers from PTSD. He was in the US Navy from 2001 to 2010 and served his country...
  5. Working/Stock Dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    G'day guys! Just wondering if any of you out there work your dogs on stock (cattle, sheep, deer anything else)? It could be because they are working dogs, or maybe you just take your dogs to sheep herding trials/classes for fun? I am looking into getting a kelpie and they are born stock dogs...