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  1. Working Dogs
    Hello Guys. My dog is a working type. which breed is a oldest working dog in the world ? I hear oldest one live in Middle East. that is true ? thanks for answers.
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    my aussiedor is about 3 months old now and his energy level is fast increasing. we currently live in a 1000 sqft, first floor apartment, which is going very well given his current small size (we will be moving into a 3 story w fenced backyard in a few months.) my question is, what can I do to...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Hi guys, I did a post yesterday called "Ultimate dog breed?" which I'm sure some of you would have seen. I'm really happy for the great response I got on that post and read people's opinions and actually learn a thing or two about some breeds. So thank you. I'm sorry I seem so contempt on...
  4. General Dog Discussion
    Military Dogs Suffer PTSD - Yahoo! Voices -
1-4 of 4 Results