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  1. Trained 2 yo Mal new to household need crate coaching.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    HI All, Great to be here!! I just got a 2 yo mal boy who is fully trained as a sniffer, he can't socialize with other dogs as he is very very timid and hides from even a chihuahua!! I guess the owners we got him from said he was a fully trained Government tracker in certain things and well...
  2. breeding a working dog with show dog border collie

    Dog Breeds
    I have a border collie with a beautiful temperament, well behaved, active and would make a great mum She's slender, medium hair, athletic looking and athletic. She has a stunning shiny double coat with waves which I haven't seen in many dogs. I am looking to breed her and the border collies...
  3. Help Name My Puppy

    New Additions
    Hi all, I am at a loss as what registered name I should give my Female Black Russian Terrier. The name will be (kennel name) _______________ The registered name must have a word that begins with b or c. Call name does not have to be in registered name. The registered name for my puppy...
  4. Dog's Daily Boredom

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I have a new dog that we adopted a few months ago. She has a spinal or nerve injury in her spine that makes it difficult for her to be active. She wobbles and is unsteady on her back end because she has no idea "where" her back legs are, she does feel and can use them. Anyways, my...
  5. Which dog should i buy?

    Working Dogs
    I'm looking to buy a dog that will be a good gun dog, will chase rabbits etc and will work well under birds of prey. Any ideas?
  6. Can a working farm dog be left home alone during family vacations?

    General Dog Discussion
    I am a new vegetable farmer who is considering acquiring a working dog to help deter deer in my vegetable fields. I travel regularly to visit family and take several family vacations throughout the year. I am considering a Great Pyrenees for the farm working dog but am not sure how the dog will...