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won't eat

  1. Very Picky Pooch

    Dog Food
    I adopted a Miniature Schnauzer last year. She's about three years old, and is in perfect health, but she absolutely refuses to eat for days on end, at times. She only weighs about ten pounds, and you can see her hip and spine bones. I've taken her to a few different vets to figure out if she...
  2. 9 Week Mini Aussie Puppy Won't Eat

    New Additions
    Hello, I got a Mini Australian Shepherd last week, and I love her so much! She's the smartest little pup in the world. However, she is really small for her age. Only 2.2 lbs. Since I've had her, she barely eats. I can get her to eat a few bites a day, but she hasn't gained an ounce in a week...
  3. My dog won't eat anything

    Dog Health
    Hi there. I have a 7 pound mini pin chihuahua mix. He is 3 years old and should probably weigh around 9 pounds, I'm guessing. He is an awesome dog- he is very happy and playful and has at least a normal amount of energy. His coat is very smooth and he is very healthy. However, he is very...
  4. Clingy Dachshund Is Going Hungry :(

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dachshund, Max is unnecessarily clingy. He's so obsessed that he is afraid to take his eye of me and eat his food. He sets up camp right in front of the door to his room when we leave him in there which is when we're not home, and won't drink his water even if I put it by the door beside him...