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    Hi! I am interested mainly in getting into shepherds, but I'm not sure which breed to choose. I've fallen in love with groenendaelers, to some extend malinois, and, alltough not shepherds, czechoslovakian wolfdogs. I ask for opinions here and there and the dutch shepherd, border collie and...
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    Ok so I'm not just not throwing it out because he kind of looks like a wolf. For awhile I was dead set on owning a wolf dog like my grandma and aunt once had. But I ended up with a rescue husky puppy recently. He is 7 months old and he was neglected by his first owners who ended up leaving him...
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  4. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Selene is such an affectionate girl
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    We have 2 other dogs, a 2 year old female Vizsla, and a 10 year mixed male dog, and the puppy(female) seems to be much more attached to them than to us. We have this puppy for 3 weeks now, she was separated from the mom and dad and 5 other puppies. They were all together in one place sleeping...
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    This is going to be a very long thread. I hope that those of you who arent looking to own one of these animals will read this and enjoy it and use it if you come across someone who DOES want a wolfdog. I will be posting this thread as a series of sections because there is a an unbelievable...