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  1. General Dog Discussion
    My favorite animal is Wolf and I found some amazing wolf tattoos at tattoodesigns123 AND What is the difference between Wolf and Dog?
  2. New Dogs and Puppies
    This is Kaila, sold as a "Wolamute" Not sure how much wolf is in her but, her build and behaviors tell me she has some wolf in her. I'm guessing she's what is called a mid content, definitely not high content like some of my others.
  3. Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and this is the most active forum I've run into. We recently rescued a 1.5 year old dog. She has proven herself to be a very good escape artist, very Houdini. We have a wire crate for her for when he leave for at least an hour because she is very destructive right...
  4. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and love dogs, especially wolf dogs! I found this super cute video to share!
1-4 of 4 Results