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  1. DNA Test Opinions - Wisdom Panel vs Embark

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    My Buddy is a mixed American Eskimo dog. I figured it out when he started growing up, that his behavior, body type is different than typical American Eskimo. I am very okay with that and I love my dog. Being natural curious what is he mixed with I purchased Wisdom Panel and to be honest...
  2. Tennessee Treeing Brindle Wisdom Panel Results-Anyone?

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    Good morning, from the chilly Midwest! On 8/11, I adopted this lil fella from a local rescue at 8 weeks of age. I was told he was a boxer mix, and after contacting the rescue to see why they said that (did they know anything about the parents???) I found they said "boxer mix" simply due to his...
  3. Wisdom Panel results are in... Siberian Husky + Chihuahua mix (?!!?)

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    So... the rescue I got my puppy from in Texas said they thought she was a Malamute mix of some kind. After a month with her I was thinking she is a Siberian Husky mixed with Border Collie (she's been herding everyone but me when they get near her food). Wisdom Panel results came back today...
  4. Are Wisdom Panels worth it?

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    We're pretty sure Burly is half Beagle and half JRT, but having a wisdom panel done might be fun. I've read about success stories and horror stories - overall, what do you guys think? Were you happy with your results? Did they change anything about the way you cared for your dog (as in diet...
  5. Alyssum's Wisdom Panel, having some fun.

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    As I posted in the other thread, Alyssum's Wisdom Panel results will probably be back in a week or so. There is a bet running at my work as to what completely absurd breeds could show up on the panel. The cause of this fun game was up in the wisdom panel gallery section; a 60 pound dark brown...