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  1. How to care for my dog during winter?

    Dog Health
    It is not a rocket science considering the fact, that during the winter we should care about our doggy more. Our Pet is exposed to additional risks connected with cold. ** Dog’s pads We have to remember that dog’s pads are the main point of contact with the freezed surface and salt being...
  2. extra warm winter coat for little male dog

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I'm looking for a very warm, preferably wool, winter coat for a small male dog. He is about 10-15lbs, we think maybe a chihuahua, terrier, dachshund mix or something like that. I would like a coat with a design similar to these because the coats with a belly type strap tend to touch is little...
  3. Do I need to try and put a coat on Zoey?

    General Dog Discussion
    So winter is approaching, and I'm starting to worry that Zoey might actually need a coat. She's a 2 year old Staffy, possible cross. She's NEVER acted cold out on a walk; no trembling, shivering, stopping etc. She's scared of the rain heh, but has never been bothered by the cold. My major...
  4. Moving from summer to winter

    Dog Grooming
    We are moving from Australia to Europe with our dog (2year old greyhound). Unfortunately we have to do so in December which means going from very hot summer to very cold winter (probably even snow which he has never seen). Is there anything we can do to help him prepare and adapt to the change...
  5. Dog boots specifically to prevent slipping on ice

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    My dog, Mo, is a 13 year old Labrador who has begun the slow decline of the hindend fairly typical to large breeds. He blew out his cruciate and meniscus May 2013 which has helped the degeneration along. As of now he gets around perfectly well, although the long recovery from the knee injury has...
  6. Is Acana Chicken/Potato enough?

    Dog Food
    I have a big female Newfie mix - about 4. I've had her on Acana for some time now. But does she need any greens/fruit supplement beyond what is included in the kibble? I live in Eastern Canada so winters are long and tough. I wonder if she gets enough vitamins, minerals, nutrients? Maybe a...
  7. Concerned about winter - mostly just venting

    General Dog Discussion
    So I got Cobber back when I thought I knew something about dogs and puppies, but now know that I really didn't actually know anything :) My personal situation is that I live on my own, am 54, have a bum foot (broke it a couple years ago and it didn't heal right), and all of that is why I...
  8. Cold Weather Exercise Ideas

    Dog Training and Behavior
    With most of us dealing with cold weather, snow, and ice, I find it hard to find ways to exercise Snickers and get her the physical and mental stimulation she needs. I was wondering what others do during the cold winter months when walks are not possible. All of the sidewalks are covered with...