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  1. Puppy Help
    my aussiedor and I are living in metro Detroit and obviously, its winter time. temps have gotten to -3 degrees F and my pup is having trouble staying outside to finish his business. he actually will hold his back paws up and looks terrified after a few mins and I just pick him up and rub his...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Both of my dogs are short haired dogs. One is a mixed breed that looks like a dachshund, and the other one is a bull breed mix. It's snowy and icy out and I don't know what to do with exercise. The snow came yesterday and it doesn't seem like it's going away soon, so they need to exercise...
  3. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I recently noticed an increase in dog coats and dog clothing. I have heard that the popularity of such accessories are also popular in America. I know that practical dog coats have been around for years but there has been a rise in the number of boutiques selling unique dog clothes. What i was...
1-3 of 3 Results